Private Sessions with Ann

Get  support  in   your  relationship with your struggles, your gifts, your body . . .  your relationship with others, and your relationship to money.  During our sessions we work to illuminate, accept and enhance your goals to create a more fulfilling   daily  life.  Receive  the attention and presence  needed to see, to create and to navigate enduring and life giving relationships.  To develop deep trust in your body and it's innate wisdom.  Better  understand  yourself and take steps to live the life that is yours to live.  

Working with Ann  has  the  potential  to  uncover  and  change  many  unconscious  patterns  in  your  life,  and  can  help  you  in  attaining  your life  goals  and  relationship  goals.  If  you  are  looking  for  support  integrating  what  you  have  experienced  in  a  5Rhythms  class  or  workshop, having more ease in your relationship with money or  if  you  would  like  honest  feedback  on  how  you  can  further  your  5Rhythms  practice,  consider  signing  up  for  a  private  session  with  Ann. Private  sessions  take place  virtually,  depending  on  the  student’s  location  and  schedule (in person sessions are possible). The  price  for  a  private  session  is $150  for  50  minutes.    Email Ann to set-up free 15-minute consultation to see if these sessions are a good fit for you.

Testimonials about Ann's Private Sessions

Ann has helped me heal through core childhood wounds. She has offered unconditional presence and emotional mirroring that has been healing for me, and has given me skills to help hold space and model for people in my life. Working with Ann both on and off the 5Rhythms dance floor has provided a therapeutic elixir that is incredibly unique to any other healing modalities that I have tried in the past. She has also given me practical tasks, helping me to organize my finances and navigate personal and professional relationships. My work with Ann has changed my life for the better, and I am so grateful for her. 

 - M.C.


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Ann Kite is an accredited 5Rhythms instructor and Certified Behavioral Money coach who teaches classes and workshops in Washington D.C., Maryland, and central Virginia. She offers private and group coaching session in both behavioral money coaching as well as 5Rhythms work in conscious relating, body awareness and healing trauma.  She discovered the 5Rhythms in 2008 and they have transformed her life. Ann believes in the intuitive wisdom of the body, and teaches 5Rhythms as a path to healing through deep communion with the incarnate self. Ann has completed the Waves and 5Rhythms Heartbeat-level Teacher Training programs. She is certified as a behavioral money coach through the Money Coaching Institute, and believes our relationship with money is a gateway to better understanding of our own heart, empowerment, and self-esteem.  Ann has an master's degree in education and lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.