Our dance is an individual and collective experience.  How much you choose to interact with other dancers is up to you.  We ask only that you come with a heartful respect for yourself and every other person on the floor.  The 5Rhythms teacher is here to help take you deeper into the dance experience, when you’re ready.

If you’re considering coming for the first time, we recommend you wear comfortable clothes and arrive a few minutes early so you have time to sign-in, pay, and stretch or warm up your body before the dance begins.  Most of us dance barefoot, though non-marking shoes are allowed.


We dance for pleasure
We dance to express
We dance to release the past
We dance for the love of our bodies
We dance for health
We dance to honor where we’ve been and make space for where we’re going
We dance because we love life



Ann Kite

Ann Kite is an accredited 5Rhythms teacher who teaches classes and workshops in Washington D.C., Maryland, and central Virginia.  She discovered the 5Rhythms in 2008 and they have transformed her life...

Ann believes in the intuitive wisdom of the body, and teaches 5Rhythms as a path to healing through deep communion with the incarnate self.  Ann is passionate about life, about love of self and other, and about honoring the gifts that come through each one of us.  She works to welcome these gifts to flow through freely and views the dance floor as a place of refuge, transformation, and release.  Ann lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband and 3 children.  You can contact Ann by email at ann@ann-kite.com.



Substitute Teacher + Certified 5Rhythms Sweat Facilitator

Debby Norton

Debby has embraced movement meditation as a transformational tool in her life.

She feels so grateful to share the dance with each one of you in this special space.  You’ll see Debby on Tuesdays and Thursdays before class at the sign-in table. Debby is now a certified 5Rhythms Space Holder and is on the 5Rhythms Teacher Training path. She is certified to offer 5Rhythms “Sweats.”  Debby offers 5Rhythms Sweats every Tuesday 6:30 at Fry's Spring Beach Club.