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Portals: a 5Rhythms workshop retreat with Ann Kite

  • SevenOaks Retreat Center 403 Pathwork Way Madison, VA 22727 (map)

Unlike most 5Rhythms workshops, PORTALS is a residential retreat where we'll spend three days in nature at Sevenoaks Retreat Center.

Portals is an opportunity to stand on your own two feet, look at your life, and create the change that you want to see. You will be witnessed. You will be heard. You will be held. This is your opportunity to move though the gateway of your own becoming and awaken to the authentic living expression of your soul’s purpose.

"I am standing before the portal. My body beaded with sweat. Hair stuck to the side of my face. My eyes are closed but I am alive to the potency of the moment – my soul is longing for change and it is here – at this threshold. My sisters and brothers stand by my side, witnesses to this moment – this pivotal moment when I make the choice to change my life. The door is open, but where does it go? How far will it take me? How deeply will I surrender?

My feet press into the ground, the earth rises up through me, I open my eyes and I begin to move…”

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