The Workshop

Life is change. How we move with change determines the amount of pleasure or pain experienced in any moment.

When a big change comes do we freeze, bare down, give up, try to escape, flop about, numb out, grab on to someone else? Or do we feel into, sense the connection between us and all things, ride the change not knowing where it will take us but present in every moment to the ecstasy of life moving through?

This workshop is an exploration of the body’s capacity to feel, inform, adapt, uplift, and carry us moment by moment through change. The 5Rhythms are a map for moving with what is moment to moment. We will use the 5Rhythms as a tool to explore what it means to be physical in a world that is constantly shifting, stirring, rolling, quaking, and releasing. There are no steps to learn; the Rhythms can be practiced by a person of any age or ability.

Price: $125

To register:

  • Email Emily Wells,

  • Call Wells Therapeutics (757)490-9488, or

  • Send a check to:
    Wells Therapeutics
    319 Edwin Drive, Suite 103
    Virginia Beach, VA  23462




Wells Therapeutics
319 Edwin Drive, Suite 101
Virginia Beach, VA 23462



Workshop Schedule

december 1


7:00pm - 9:30pm

december 2


11:00am - 4:00pm





Registrations canceled before November 23 will be reimbursed minus a $40 fee. After November 23 there will be no refunds.  If a replacement dancer signs up, and the workshops full, there will be a refund minus the $40 fee.  Email Emily to request a refund: emilywells@wellstherapeutics.com