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The Workshop

What is your relationship to your body? To wealth? To prosperity? Exploration through movement and dance reveal newfound awareness of your interconnection to money.

This is an in-depth physical journey where we dance with the 8 money archetypes: The Victim, The Innocent, The Warrior, The Martyr, The Fool, The Artist, The Tyrant, and The Magician.

The backbone of this exploration is the 5Rhythms® movement practice which cultivates an open mind, grounded body and a heart of generosity. Kinesthetic learning is an entry point to understanding our complex relationship to money. The body reveals many truths. It is the instrument and the container of our stories. When we unravel the rhythms within, a treasure-filled kingdom is revealed.
No previous experience is required in order to participate in this transformative workshop.
This workshop counts towards 5R Teacher Training pre-requisites.

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The Teacher

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Evangelos Diavolitsis is a certified 5Rhythms facilitator (trained by Gabrielle Roth), meditation teacher, and behavioral money coach.

He has been continuously studying with meditation masters Achariya Doug Duncan Sensei and Catherine Pawasarat Sensei since 2002. He creates an atmosphere that is adventurous and safe, weaving a delicate chemistry of humour & analytical self-exploration. The healing modalities he is trained in create a space where individuals acknowledge, move through and release conditioned patterns from the past.

He has taught across Canada, Japan, Europe and the U.S.  Based in Calgary but serving innovative movers everywhere, he has a passion for integrating expressive dance and the path of self-actualization with meditation and the arts. His workshops and classes empower participants to seek ways to allow their passion to be expressed, their curiosity to be fulfilled and their gifts to be shared in a way that manifests optimal personal potential, abundance and joyful play.

Evangelos’ compassionate and investigative nature encourages participants to dance through each of the five rhythms (Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness) by cultivating pristine awareness through body-based investigation. You can learn more about his 5Rhythms teaching at his website,  Evangelos also teaches meditation at the Dharma Hub Calgary.





Fry’s Spring Beach Club
2512 Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, VA



Workshop Schedule


September 15




September 16


10am - 1pm


1pm - 2PM

Break (Free Time)

2pm - 5pm


september 17


10AM - 1PM


1PM - 2PM

Break for Lunch

2pm - 5PM





There are numerous hotels and B&B's in the Charlottesville area, but we also offer dancers the opportunity to stay with members of the Charlottesville Tribe. For home stays, each guest pays $15 per night.  This fee goes to Ann, which in turn comes off your host's tuition for this workshop.  The energy exchange is taken care of, so no need to bring a gift or take them out for dinner!

If you would like housing please request in the EventBrite Registration Form.