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The Workshop

To give love is good, but to give and receive is everything. Expanding our ability to receive increases our ability to love, to heal and to see.

We do not move alone. On the soul’s journey, lasting change happens with the support of others. We learn to love ourselves through the mirror of another. To fully live, we must find the ability to open, to receive, to be held by the love of others. Without support our souls slow down to wait. Soul evolution happens together.

When we dance we are simply being ourselves in the rarest, raw form — a vulnerable place for our egos — a place of freedom for our souls. Through the map of the 5Rhythms we will practice receiving (flow) as well as giving (staccato).  The dance of the two creating a portal into ecstatic peace.


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Carderock Springs Swim and Tennis Club
8200 Hamilton Spring Ct
Bethesda, VA 20817



Workshop Schedule


october 28


7:30pm - 10:00pm

october 29


11:00am - 5:00pm


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There are numerous hotels and B&B's in the DC area, but we also offer dancers the opportunity to stay with members of the DC Tribe. For home stays, each guest pays $15 per night.  This fee goes to Ann, which in turn comes off your host's tuition for this workshop.  The energy exchange is taken care of, so no need to bring a gift or take them out for dinner!

If you would like housing please request in the EventBrite Registration Form.